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 Tournament Rules
LionLogo4c Juneau Lions Club
PO Box 020911
Juneau, Alaska 99802
     January 2017


The Gold Medal Tournament is an annual fund-raising event for the Juneau Lions Club.

1. General. This is an Invitational Basketball Tournament. The President of the Juneau Lions Club will select three Co-Chairs for the Gold Medal Tournament Committee per the current Juneau Lions Club Bylaws. These Co-Chairs are responsible for the organization and management of this event, with the approval of the Juneau Lions Club Board of Directors and the support of Juneau Lions Club membership.
2. Sportsmanship. As this is a Juneau Lions Club sponsored event, all invited teams and players are expected to demonstrate the very best example of sportsmanship behavior at all times. Teams and players must follow these rules as written. Teams and/or individual players who do not conduct themselves in a sportsmanlike manner, or behave in a way to circumvent these rules, may not be invited to participate in future Juneau Lions Club Gold Medal Tournaments. Juneau Lions Club reserves the right of refusal for any individual or team to participate in these events, based upon sportsmanship behavior.
3. Team Invitations. The Gold Medal Tournament Co-Chairs are members of the Invitations Committee.  In addition to the three Co-Chairs, the Invitations Committee is comprised of at least four other Juneau Lions Club members appointed by the Co-Chairs. Their duties and responsibilities include:

a. Reviewing all team letters of interest to play in the Gold Medal Basketball Tournament.
b. Selecting the teams to participate.
c. Developing a list of recommended teams for selection to the Juneau Lions Club Board of Directors.
d. Upon approval of the Board of Directors, selected teams will be invited.
e. Any other business associated with the process of selecting and notifying teams.

4. Team Entry Fee. A $200 non-refundable team entry fee must be included with the initial roster, to secure a team’s placement within a Division bracket.
5. Official Basketball Tournament Rules. High School Federation Basketball rules will be used with the following exceptions and clarifications:
  • Two – 20 minutes halves, with 4 minute overtime periods.
  • No shot clock.
  • Five-second counts in the frontcourt for held-ball or closely guarded players.
  • Time-outs: 3 – 60 second and 2 – 30 second timeouts per game. Overtime: 1-60 second timeout, plus unused timeouts from regular game.
  • Players may stand on the “blocks” on the lane lines during free throws.
  • Players on the lane-lines may enter the lane on the release by the free throw shooter.
  • Free throws will be shot starting on the seventh (7th) foul.
  • Technical fouls: play will resume from the point of interruption after two (2) free throws are shot.
  • Players or coaches who receive two (2) technical fouls in a game will be ineligible to participate in their next game.
  • Players or coaches ejected from two (2) games will be disqualified from playing in the remainder of the tournament.
  • Offensive fouls are considered team control fouls with no free throws being shot. The ball is awarded to the team that was fouled at the spot closest to the foul.
  • A time-out may not be called when an airborne player is in possession of the ball.
Mercy rule will be used when a team has a 40-point lead. The game clock will be stopped only for time-outs even if the margin goes below 40-points.
6. Official Rosters

a. Team Point of Contact must meet player eligibility requirements, which is to be a resident, or former resident, of their team’s community. 

b. Team Point of Contact is expected to communicate all information shared from Juneau Lions Club to all their team’s players.

c. Upon accepting an invitation to participate in the Gold Medal Tournament Team Point of Contact must immediately provide the Juneau Lions Club Tournament Committee an initial roster with a minimum of eight (8) and not more than twenty (20) players, one team manager and one coach.

d. Initial team rosters will not be more than twenty (20) players.  If there are more than twenty names included, only the first twenty (20) listed will be eligible to play on that team. 

e. Initial team rosters will be sent to all Managers/Coaches for each respective bracket by February 20th.

f. Final team rosters will not exceed twelve (12) players taken from the initial team roster. Final team rosters are due by March 6th, 2017.

g. The final roster must have at least eight (8) and not more than twelve (12) names.

h. Teams not fielding the minimum of amount of players from their final roster will be allowed to pick up eligible players from their original twenty (20) player roster. If a team does not have five (5) players they will forfeit that game. 


(1) Players cannot be listed on more than one team roster.
(2) No pick-ups or additions to the rosters will be allowed.
(3) Players that wish to play for a different community will need to sit out for one year before being eligible to play for the new community and must meet all eligibility criteria for that bracket.

7. Uniforms.  Players shall wear matching basketball uniforms with jerseys that are numbered with the same number on the front and back.  Teams are required to bring two uniforms or uniforms with two separate colors to avoid duplication.  Home teams will have their choice of colors if there is color duplication.
8. Player Eligibility.

a. All players shall meet residency requirements for their community team.  To be eligible, a player must:

i. Be a current or former resident of the community for a minimum of 90 consecutive days prior to Day 1 of the Gold Medal Tournament.  “Resident” means actually living in the community.

ii. Any player not meeting the “current or former resident eligibility rule” who previously played for a specific community team in the Gold Medal Tournament may continue playing for that community’s team.

iii. Requests for exceptions to the residency eligibility rules MUST be submitted with or prior to the initial team roster deadline. The request must include a full narrative explanation and reasons why this player should be eligible to play for that team.

9. Division Brackets

a. Player Age Eligibility

i. “B” 18 – 31 years of age on Day 1 of the tournament
ii. “C” 32 years of age or older on Day 1 of the tournament
iii. “Masters” 42 years of age or older on Day 1 of the tournament
iv. “W” 18 years of age or older on Day 1 of the tournament

10. Official Record. The official score book shall be the office record of the tournament. Each team is entitled to have a representative seated with the scorekeeper when their team is playing.
11. Double Elimination Tournament. The tournament is a double elimination, allowing two losses before elimination except for the championship game that ends the play in each bracket. Positions in each bracket will be drawn by random lot. No changes will be made except when caused by failure of a team to arrive due to circumstances beyond their control. Any changes will be at the discretion of the Tournament Committee. The team drawings for each bracket of play will be done publicly.
12. Protests.

a.The Juneau Lions Club does not initiate Protests.  Sections #8 and #9 of the rules identify Player Eligibility and must be followed.

If any Team Point-of-Contact, Manager or Coach believes a player listed on another Team Roster does not meet the player eligibility criteria then it is the responsibility of that Team Representative to personally contact the other Team's Representative to question and discuss the belief that a player(s) is not eligible to be a player on that team.   Only when a Team Representative, after contacting the other Team Representative still believes a player to not be eligible, should any protest be brought to the attention of the Lions Club.  The Team Representative must write a Protest Letter - full written document, citing the specific researched reasons for the protest and include a record of contacts and conversations with the other team representative.  Only after a full detailed letter is received will the Lions Club consider a player protest.

b. One more time - The Lions Club does not initiate Protests nor are we responsible for determining eligibility.  It is the Team's responsibility to get all the facts and talk to the other team representative before any player eligibility protest is sent to the Juneau Lions Club.

Teams invited to the tournament, bracket assignments, and games scheduled are not subject to protests.

13. Juneau Lions Club Liability. The Juneau Lions Club assumes no responsibility for loss-of-personal or team equipment. Blanket insurance coverage is limited liability. Medical expenses incurred during the tournament are the responsibility of a player’s personal medical coverage.
14. Contacts.  Roster information, comments, suggestions by mail or email shall be addressed:
  MAIL: Gold Medal Basketball Tournament Co-Chairs
Juneau Lions Club
PO Box 020911
Juneau, Alaska 99802
  EMAIL: Gold Medal Basketball Tournament Co-Chairs
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